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Our primary mission is to promote manufacturing as a career option and ensure that training and employee development education is available at the local level. To achieve this goal we work closely with Quinebaug Valley Community College (QVCC) and Three Rivers Community College (TRCC), our primary source for training and education programs.

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Board of Director positions to be filled:

The president shall sit at all annual meetings of the members and of all meetings of the board of directors. The president, along with other authorized officers, shall sign for and on behalf of the corporation, or in its name, all deeds, mortgages, contracts, and other instruments in writing. While actively engaged in conducting the business of the organization, he/shall perform such other duties as prescribed by the board. The president serves as the primary representation of the organization and the leader for all of the organization’s efforts.

It is the duty of the treasurer to keep membership records of the corporation as they join and submit dues. He/she shall be the custodian of all moneys belonging to the organization and shall hold all funds subject to the order of the board of directors. The treasurer shall deposit the funds with such banks as the board of directors may designate. The treasurer is responsible for presenting a complete report of the accounts and submitting books of accounts for audit when requested by the board of directors.

It shall be the duty of the secretary to collect, maintain and approve all meeting minutes of members and board of directors. The secretary is responsible for distributing notices, invoices, letters and any other appropriate information to both the members, board of directors and all other mailing contacts as deemed fit. The secretary is responsible for informing members of all meetings and events and serves as the point of contact for EAMA information.

Chapter Chairs
Both the north and south chapter chairs are responsible for attending all chapter meetings and events pertaining to their region. It shall be their duty to collect meeting minutes and provide event information to the secretary. He/she must actively communicate with the member companies of their area and maintain an updated contact list of member companies. The chapter chair must actively engage with the membership outreach chair and education liaison to promote membership and manufacturing curriculum. The chapter chairs are responsible for notifying the secretary of any membership changes or any information regarding companies, schools, and events in their region.

Membership Outreach Chair
This position is responsible for all membership outreach in the region including promoting EAMA as an organization, recruiting companies for membership, and promoting the mission of EAMA.

Education Liaison
This position depends largely on working with EAMA’s participating high schools and colleges to promote manufacturing as a career to its students, improve existing manufacturing curriculum, and promote as well as organize educational events in line with the organization’s mission.

Welcome to EAMA’s new Website!

We have made many great changes over the past few months to the organization, one of them being our newly designed website. We have recently undergone a name change from the Quinebaug Manufacturing Institute to the Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance. Due to our growing membership and outreach, our organization sought to attract a larger audience of manufacturers. Our new name, new logo and new website will be followed by new events and projects. To learn more about our changes and our history, check out our “About Us” section!

Raymond Coombs Jr.